Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friday Night Radio

Bright Moments with the Redwood Jazz Alliance | April 11, 2008

  • Miguel Zenon, “Penta.” Awake (Marsalis Music, 2008)
  • Hans Glawischnig, “Line Drive.” Panorama (Sunnyside, 2008)

  • David Berkman, “Weird Knock.” Communication Theory (Palmetto, 2000)
  • Frank Kimbrough, “Quickening.” Air (Palmetto, 2008)
  • Brad Mehldau, “Wonderwall.” Live (Nonesuch, 2008)

  • Lionel Loueke, “Karibu.” Karibu (Blue Note, 2008)
  • Pat Metheny, “Son of Thirteen.” Day Trip (Nonesuch, 2008)
  • Bill McHenry, “African Song.” Roses (Sunnyside, 2007)
  • Palmetto All-Stars, “Fleurette Africaine.” The Other Side of Ellington (Palmetto, 1999)

  • SFJazz Collective, “San Francisco Suite: Alcatraz” (D. Douglas). Live 2007:4th Annual Concert Tour (SF Jazz, 2008)
  • Charles Lloyd, “Rabo de Nube.” Rabo de Nube (ECM, 2008)

  • Joel Frahm, “Interesting, Perhaps, But Hardly Fascinating Rhythm” (Berkman). Sorry, No Decaf (Palmetto, 1998).
  • David Berkman, “Not a Christmas Song.” Handmade (Palmetto, 1998).
  • Abigail Riccards, “I Didn’t Know What Time It Was” (Rodgers & Hart, arr. Berkman). When the Night Is New (Jazz Excursion, 2007)
  • David Berkman, “Mean Things Happening In This World” (Guthrie). Start Here, Finish There (Palmetto, 2004)

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