Saturday, January 10, 2009

Darcy James Argue's Tribute to Freddie Hubbard

For the most comprehensive round up of tributes and peons to the late great Freddie Hubbard, see Darcy James Argue's blog.

While you're there, why not take the opportunity to vote early and often for Lindsay Beyerstein, who is in the running for Best Individual Blog in the Weblog 08 awards.

She is apparently the partner of one of the band members and takes fantastic photos of Argue's "steampunk" big band, Secret Society. She is also the owner-operator of one of the longest running and best blogs out there, Majikthese.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Folks,

meanwhile I'm so obsessed with stalking the Leicht guy that I can't upload more boring jazz albums. Slander and libel is the real fun, isn't it? Be sure to read more about my obsessions with Leicht in the next days.

I'm a rat and an informer, and I'm loving it.