Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nate Chinen checks Bob Doran--sort of.

One of our favorite jazz writers, Nate Chinen (New York Times, Jazz Times, etc., etc.) keeps an excellent blog called "The Gig."  The day before last, in a post that linked to his NYT review of Antonio Sanchez's latest gig at the Jazz Standard, he used a photo by friend of the RJA and North Coast Journal Arts & Entertainment editor Bob Doran, who's shot some superb pix at our shows over the past few years.  (This particular photo is part of a set taken at Sanchez's appearance here in Arcata last spring.)

We don't think Bob is especially particular about copyright or even about attribution--and heaven knows we're not always 100% scrupulous about securing permission to use work we find floating around on the web. But hey, Nate:  come check us out! (And give a nod to Bob.)

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