Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ben Ratliff's New Book on Coltrane

I'm just discovering that Word 2007 allows me to compose a blog entry from within it, then publish to Blogger. That's an advancement. I'm not finding all that much progress otherwise, between MS Word 03 and 07. More techno-driven change for the sake of profit.

Jazz content. I have begun reading Ben Ratliff's _Coltrane: The Story of a Sound_. It's most excellent. He's a fine stylist. I see via Google that he's a very prolific reviewer, for jazz and pop, at the NYT. I like the tack of going into the subject of JC via his "sound." It's of a piece with the recent trend to write histories about "night," and "red," and etc.

That and it's hardcover. Got it for Christmas. A brand new book in hardcover. I feel so hip.

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