Sunday, December 23, 2007

Steve Lehman at All About Jazz

Yeah, Steve Lehman. In another Top Eleven list (I'm into these lists this year) just published today at Allaboutjazz ("including some late November entries") Steven Lehman's very recent "On Meaning" makes the late late cut.

Just in time, because I'm sure it's gonna be good. I haven't heard it yet but I will soon, on Christmas Day to be exact, because that's when my "40 downloads a month" turn over again at Emusic. (You do know about Emusic, don't you?)

I have listened to Steve's earlier CDs at Pandora (which you do know about, right?). I especially like the "outside sax solo" Pandora's committee of real musicians identifies as one of Steve's primary descriptive traits.

Here's a comment I appended to Phil DePietro's review at Allaboutjazz:

This CD is waiting on my "For Later" list at Emusic--till my month turns over on Christmas day.

I saw Steven Lehman at last year's Guelph Jazz Festival and Colloquium. He was there for the colloquium part. He read a really great paper on his mentored relationship with Jackie McLean, who had recently passed. It was smart and intelligent and moving--what more academic papers should be like.

Steve Lehman is for the watching....

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