Friday, January 4, 2008

Are You Curious?

Humboldt County Jazz Fans!!!!

Are you curious about the jazz artists coming to town in Spring 08? Do you want to know more about who they are and what they sound like?

Now you can listen to some of their tunes and songs ahead of time. There is a listening "widget" about half-way down the links column (which could be on your left, or right, depending upon your browser). Under "DrDavis' Music," you should see a subtitle ("RJA Artists Coming to Town"), and then a list of tunes.

Highlight a title, then click the play button. I have included at least two songs from each of our upcoming visitors. I may switch around some of the entries from other CDs in the coming weeks.

Note that this is totally above-board. You cannot *steal* these tunes. I didn't. You can only listen to the streaming audio here. The sound is pretty terrific, if I say so myself (as if I and not Media Master are making this possible). Of course, if you like the music, buy it, online or at your favorite record shop. And tell your friends!

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