Saturday, January 19, 2008

Posting Trails Off for a Bit

I'm not posting very much right now because I don't want to distract from the last few messages about the upcoming RJA show. As it is right now, you get the info, and the interview, right close to the top of the scroll, and I think that's good. I'm not going to clutter it up with news, which there ain't much of anyway.

The news: We've been working hard getting ready for Myra et al., and this coming week is gonna be nutso, what with the concert on Saturday and the start up of Spring Term on Tuesday.

Spread the word, if you're within shouting range. This is gonna be a good one. Have a gander at the main RJA web pages if you want to see the great poster, with superfine photos of Myra, Marty, Mark and Matt. Myself, I can't stand the wait. Trio M. Quartet M. Duo M.

See you Saturday night!

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