Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Myra Cures the Summer Doldrums

The vernal flood of new releases (see the last two posts) has slowed to a trickle--appropriate for our drought-stricken state, I suppose.  But thankfully, Myra Melford is quenching our collective thirst with a series of videos from her spring residency at the Stone (John Zorn's famous performance space on New York City's Lower East Side), releasing them at the rate of one per week. Here's an introduction:

And here she is with drummer Allison Miller:

And with flutist Nicole Mitchell and drummer Tyshawn Sorey:

And with multi-reedist Ben Goldberg:

And with Miya Masaoka and Mary Halvorson:

And with the Crush Quartet:

And with the Be Bread Sextet:

And with The Same River, Twice (Chris Speed, Dave Douglas, Erik Friedlander, Michael Sarin):

And with her latest band, Snowy Egret:

And a second tune from The Same River, Twice:

And with Marty Ehrlich:

And finally, her old trio with Lindsey Horner & Reggie Nicholson:

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